Masselys rose from the ashes of Oslo band Salvatore, thanks to key members Bjarne Larsen, Jon Birger ”Jomba” Wormdahl and Kjell Olav Jørgensen. And if you miss Salvatore’s electronic rock, Masselys is quite similar, just more danceable and catchy. Even though Masselys started as a trio, they have incorporated the bass player from the uncrowned kings of Norwegian rock in 2006, 120 Days, now on guitar. In 2011 they were joined by multi-instrumentalist and poly-lingual vocalist Viviana Vega (Metronomicon Audio, WHALESHARKATTACKS + +). Their latest recordings can be heard on their Soundcloud page.

Viva Sherry / ビバシェリー

Photo: Viva Sherry live in Kyoto

Viva Sherry hail from Kyoto, Japan, and could be described as ‘prog pop’. It is definitely pop, but one that continuously surprises through its inclusions of unusual stylistic mixtures (jazz, metal, motown, chanson), time changes and the odd bit of musique concrète. As a live band, Viva Sherry are equally mindblowing: Sato (synthesizer, vocals) and Himeco (xylophone, drums) really manage to recreate their complex sound, often playing several instruments simultaneously while seemingly effortlessly delivering perfect vocal harmonies. You can check out news about the band in Japanese and English on their website.


Photo: now playing at Kosmische, Corsica Studios

Making sounds with whatever they can get their hands on, now are known for their eclectic and prolific musical output. If you have the opportunity to catch them live, definitely do so more than once, because, due to their range, no two concerts will be the same. now have released a number of albums on other labels (Pickled Egg, Freaksville, flaü, TRI, Clinical Archives) and will be bringing their spacey analogue dance grooves as well as their experimental pop to mottomotto. now are Justin Paton, Angela Last and George Chrysostomou. The band’s website can be found here.

Rebecca Closure

Photo: Rebecca Closure live at MottoDance launch

Rebecca Closure is pure energy. She combines the most potent genres – techno, punk, latin, electro-disco – and injects them straight into your body. Live, Rebecca combines her music with different combinations of dance and performance art, which have included rowing, skipping and peeing competitions, and the occasional appearance of a flamingo. You are rightfully scared. Rebecca is often supported by dancer/choreographer Marlon Kameka and live musicians on instruments such as conga, bongos, bass, guitar and drums.
Check out Rebecca Closure’s Soundcloud for her latest tracks, remixes and DJ mixes.

Rosie Okae

Photo: Rosie Okae on the Hellogoodbye show, Resonance FM

Creating music that is hard to define, yet memorably catchy, Rosie Okae is a singer songwriter who experiments with pop, electronica, soul and everything outside and in between. She collaborates with musician/ producer Justin Paton to create, redraft, refine and up-end her songs (an evolution evident in the freshness of each performance of their work). The constants to be found, however, are rich vocalisation, satisfying melodies and an anthemic, though fragile lyrical style.
Rosie’s website can be found here.

Jessica Marlowe & The Wildtracks


The Wildtracks are the new songwriting and band project by Jessica Marlowe. Before founding this band, Jessica was the singer and co-writer of the Bristol-based experimental pop group Mooz. In the Wildtracks, she is joined by Boris Exton (keys), Michael Ho (drums) and Vanessa Marlowe (bass). The band’s music is strongly influenced by Jessica’s soundtrack writing for stage and film with a view to creating dark, haunting images through music. The the additional rock, blues, Bulgarian music and pop influences contribute to an arresting and vivid sonic presence.

Justin Paton

Photo: Justin Paton DJing at I Love Acid, Ginglik

Veteran acid aficionado Justin Paton is known for both his classic acid house DJ sets (clubs and radio) and live performances of his own brand of acid house. He will be releasing original dance tracks on vinyl as well as remixes of other artists. Justin also acts as a mottomotto producer and curator.


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  1. rebecca closure says:

    peeing competitions? – think that was a different RC. xx

  2. rebecca closure says:

    i remember now I think that was Joan of Ass.

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