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Viva Sherry “Silenzio” (2019)

[10″ Vinyl album] motto11


Spacey prog pop with groovy orchestral jams!

A1 hey! shut up!
A2 夏埜楽園 (Paradise of Your Summer)
A3 POINT – does not exist on the map

B1 chopsticks
B2 mund

now “Gold Star Lavender Marriage” (2019)

[12″ Vinyl album] motto10

Eclectic new album from London’s analogue pop alchemists.

A1 I’m Sure Rest Will Make You Feel Better
A2 Fill Up The Gap
A3 Her Voice / My Ears
A4 Biscuita
A5 Strong Urge
A6 Thoughts Again
A7 Crackin’ The Shell
A8 I Don’t Look Forward To The Day When I Have To Throw This Jumper Away

B1 Petro Twig
B2 Shit Zoo
B3 Leaves
B4 Nachspiel
B5 Arp
B6 People

Rebecca Closure “40,000” (2018)

[12″ Vinyl EP] motto09


Cool electro dance power from London’s resident superhero.


A1 40,000
A2 Face is the Place

B1 Black Cat White Cat
B2 Dangerous I know

Viva Sherry “Obento Music” (2017)

[10″ Vinyl EP] motto08


Kyoto’s prog pop virtuosos Viva Sherry take you on an exhilarating fairground ride.


A1 Holiday
A2 Movin my love
A3 Chocolate

B1 Thunder Love
B2 Fig
B3 Honey

Digital bonus tracks:
Holiday (Remix)
Fig (live)
Chocolate (live)
Thunder Love (live)

Now “pleasesorrythankyou” (2017)

[Vinyl LP] motto07


Carefully crafted experimental pop that takes you to places you’ve never been before.


A1 Snails and their slime
A2 Short n’ pretty
A3 Nothing new
A4 Shore
A5 Save it down
A6 I can’t say

B1 The expansion of what is human
B2 Wear the colours of your favourite spirit
B3 Real whiptails

Plus downloadable bonus remixes.

Masselys “High Fantasy/Low Fantasy” (2016)

[Vinyl LP] motto06


A jolt of pure electric energy from Oslo’s dance-rock supergroup.


A1 Songs for the Future
A2 Let Snake Be Snake
A3 Barrancos
A4 Nach Ende

B1 Marble Madness
B2 Soburb
B3 Oro Negro/Basura Blanca

Justin Paton “My Acid House” (2015)

[Double Vinyl] motto05


Justin Paton’s special brand of acid house, on double vinyl.


A1 Acid Part Of The Day
A2 Tunnel Acid
A3 Acid 2000

B1 Acidthankyou
B2 Acid To Push Us
B3 Rubber Acid

C1 Acidophilus
C2 Acid Wave

D1 The Creeping Acid
D2 An Acid Bubble
D3 The Acid Wait

Now “Innard Listeningestion” EP (2014)

[12″ Orange Vinyl] motto01
Release date: September 2014


“Now cheekily combine krautrock influenced pop with dance music.”
Read a review on Freq here.


  • Innards 9:02
  • Listening forward to it 8:54
  • Ingestion Syndrone 12:23
  • Feminine Devastation 3:58
  • Octopus In A String Bag 2:45

Digital bonus remixes (included in vinyl & digital download):

  • Innards (Remix by Center of the Universe) 05:28
  • Innards (Cake Mix by Rebecca Closure) 03:00
  • Listening Forward To It (FFWD Mix by Radio 9) 09:21
  • Listening Forward To It (Remix by Ben Glass) 08:58
  • Ingestion Syndrone (Acidic Remax by Justin Paton) 18:16
  • Ingestion Syndrone (Diseased Mix by Barry Woodcock) 06:24
  • Feminine Devastation (Femix by George Chrysostomou) 02:04
  • Feminine Devastation (Remax by Justin Paton) 04:01
  • An Octopus In A String Bag (Dance Rework by Jellica) 07:06

Rosie Okae “We know when to shout” (2014)

[CD album] motto02

Beautiful electro-acoustic folk-soul-pop.



  • Where It Starts and Stops
  • Help Myself
  • We Know When to Shout
  • Twice Born Sun
  • No Chance
  • Met
  • Space to Hide
  • Who I Am
  • I’ll Believe What I Can
  • I’d Like to Fly

MottoDance (2015)

[Double Vinyl] motto03


Two slices of house-style electronic dance music.
Curated by Justin Paton.


A1 Rebecca Closure ‘Fair A La Wanka’
A2 Jellica ‘Eighty Two Four’
A3 Masselys ‘Soburb’
A4 Fat Teddy ‘Reverb Therapy’

B1 Justin Paton ‘Acidforwards’
B2 Zoe Deathchannel ‘Discoid Ashy Cart’

C1 Center of the Universe ‘The Sounds You’ve Been Waiting For’
C2 Gagarin ‘Fiery Demon’
C3 Desmond Dekker Jnr ‘1983 Revisited’

D1 Now ‘Unterliebe’
D2 Graham Dunning ‘Ends’
D3 Is It A Thing ‘Bee Arm’

Jessica Marlowe & The Wildtracks “i Bring you Here” (2015)

[download/limited promo CD] motto04

Songs from a world viewed through a pitch-bending eye.



  • Big Dream
  • Boom
  • i Bring you Here
  • Invention
  • My World
  • Sheshore
  • Sway



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