Viva Sherry “Obento Music” is out!


Viva Sherry’s “Obento Music” is now out on 10″ vinyl and download. You can listen to and buy the EP here. We had a party at The Sound of Yperlab to celebrate the release, but we are also hoping to get Sato and Himeco over to play live in the UK. Here is a bit about the band:

Icons of the vibrant Kyoto scene, prog pop virtuosos Sato and Himeco have been making music and releasing records since 2000. Both musicians are also well-known nationally for their side projects and collaborations, such as new toy/A Hundred Birds/SATO-sound (Sato) and D-Shrimp (Himeco).

‘Obento Music’ is their first release outside of Japan and really shows off the band’s cross-genre virtuosity. It is definitely pop, and definitely a distinctive sound, but one that continuously surprises through its inclusions of unusual stylistic mixtures (jazz, metal, motown, chanson), time changes and the odd bit of musique concrète.

As a live band, Viva Sherry are equally confounding: Sato (synthesizer, vocals) and Himeco (xylophone, drums, backing vocals) really manage to recreate their complex sound, often playing several instruments simultaneously while seemingly effortlessly delivering perfect vocal harmonies.

More information on the band can be found at .


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