Forthcoming releases: Rebecca Closure & now

Images: Rebecca Closure & now (photo of now by Skopta Photography)

We have started to put together the release schedule for 2018. On the dance front, this includes Rebecca Closure’s “40,000” vinyl EP with cover artwork by comic book artist David Roach. We can’t wait to show you the preview! The EP will enter the pressing plant in January, so expect a massive spring fever fuelled dance party for the launch!

Next up is now’s ‘Gold Star Lavender Marriage’, on the experimental pop side. The release coincides with the 20th anniversary of the group, so watch out for related events with special guests and for special releases from the group’s bottomless vault of sounds.

We are also going to have more mottomotto tote bags printed, as we have run out! If you already own a bag, keep a good eye on it, because they are popular!

In the meantime, don’t miss Rosie Okae’s and Justin Paton’s live performances at forthcoming events at Vinyl Deptford: Ondes Marines Vol 004 (18 November 2017, from 5pm) and Electronik Netwerk (3 December 2017, from 2pm). x

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