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Apologies for the lack of updates. Much has happened, so we’re only catching up just now! First of all thank you to everyone who came to our two events in Brighton and London to celebrate the release of Viva Sherry’s “Obento Music”. Many thanks also to Maïa Barouh for playing with Viva Sherry, and to all the artists at the Cowley Club and Mottofest – MoonDrive 71, Alkar Nu, Rosie Okae, Jessica Marlowe & The Wildtracks, Rebecca Closure and now – and DJs Lee Mackinnon and George Chrysostomou for rocking the decks. Special thanks to Lydia Jane Morgan for heroic work on the sound front, and to Tristan and Francis for organising the coastal extravaganza.

Since then, “Obento Music” has had airplay around the world, and Viva Sherry have hooked up with Gilles Peterson for a joint live gig in Tokyo that was live streamed on Facebook (you can listen back to the show via this link). There have been enquiries about further gigs, so we are hoping to bring Sato, Himeco and VJ Masato Tokumaru back to the UK the very near future. Stay tuned!

Image Source: Worldwide FM

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Viva Sherry “Obento Music” is out!


Viva Sherry’s “Obento Music” is now out on 10″ vinyl and download. You can listen to and buy the EP here. We had a party at The Sound of Yperlab to celebrate the release, but we are also hoping to get Sato and Himeco over to play live in the UK. Here is a bit about the band:

Icons of the vibrant Kyoto scene, prog pop virtuosos Sato and Himeco have been making music and releasing records since 2000. Both musicians are also well-known nationally for their side projects and collaborations, such as new toy/A Hundred Birds/SATO-sound (Sato) and D-Shrimp (Himeco).

‘Obento Music’ is their first release outside of Japan and really shows off the band’s cross-genre virtuosity. It is definitely pop, and definitely a distinctive sound, but one that continuously surprises through its inclusions of unusual stylistic mixtures (jazz, metal, motown, chanson), time changes and the odd bit of musique concrète.

As a live band, Viva Sherry are equally confounding: Sato (synthesizer, vocals) and Himeco (xylophone, drums, backing vocals) really manage to recreate their complex sound, often playing several instruments simultaneously while seemingly effortlessly delivering perfect vocal harmonies.

More information on the band can be found at .


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Release parties in Brighton and London

We hope to see you at our release parties for Masselys and now in Brighton (Brighton Electric, 28 January) and London (Birds Nest Deptford, 29 January).



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‘pleasesorrythankyou’ by now is out for pre-order!


We are proud to announce that now’s latest album, ‘pleasesorrythankyou‘ is now available for pre-order, as vinyl LP and download. The album features an eclectic mix of 9 songs, as well as 18 digital bonus remixes. The official release date is 27 January 2017. You can also buy the record at selected shops and at the release parties in Brighton (28 January, Brighton Electric) and London (29 January, Birdsnest Deptford, details here).

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Viva Sherry/ビバ シェリー ‘Obento Music’ in press


We’re excited that the EP by Kyoto-based duo Viva Sherry is now at the pressing plant. ‘Obento Music’ is coming out on 10″ vinyl early next year. While you wait, we thought we’d treat you to some previews of the beautiful artwork by Lee Mackinnon.


Here are also a few live videos of tracks from the record:

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now ‘pleasesorrythankyou’ at pressing plant!


TRANSFER COMPLETE! The now LP, pleasesorrythankyou, has just been submitted to the pressing plant. The shiny new discs will arrive at the mottoHQ in early 2017. Physical and digital pre-orders available soon!


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New releases


After months of toiling in the mottolab, we are superproud to announce our upcoming releases.

The first release of the year is a beautiful vinyl LP by Norwegian supergroup Masselys. Entitled ‘High Fantasy/Low Fantasy’, the album’s sound powerfully echoes the influences of its members who hail from the bands Salvatore (Bjarne Larsen, Jon Birger ”Jomba” Wormdahl and Kjell Olav Jørgensen), 120 Days (Jonas Hestvik Dahl) and Whalesharkattacks (Viviana Vega).

This is closely followed by a new LP of experimental pop from London based group now. If you think that there a no more corners left in the world for sonic exploration, ‘pleasesorrythankyou’ will prove you wrong.

The next release is ‘Obento Music’, a beautiful little 10-inch EP by Kyoto based duo Viva Sherry. Sato and Himeco’s unique style of melodic ‘prog pop’ will give you intense listening pleasure at the same time as making your mind go ‘they just did what??’

To top things off, we give you a 12-inch EP of killer dancefloor tracks by the incomparable Rebecca Closure. Hold on to your seats!

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